Hold Off on the Biopics Now

I’m known as the “Hate-Hard King”. But my hate comes with no bias. Sometimes.

Now, normally I would hate on something such as a movie and not even see it. It’s cost-effective to do that.

I tried something new this time. I went to see “All Eyez On Me”, the Tupac biopic. My bashing of the rapper is not yet documented because it’s not safe to do so. The Tupac-stans will get me. And before I get “taught”, I will assure that I do indeed know the Tupac story.

I’m young but I’m not new to this. Many reviews of this film said that it disappointed. My review, however…will say the same.

(First of all, don’t bring your five-year-old to this movie.)

So they had 20 years to work with this. For them to get so many things wrong? It’s a bit concerning. We have a million documentaries out, a million interviews. How could you mess this up?

The fact that Jada Pickett-Smith released those tweets right after the release of the movie just discredited the movie all the way through. Those were the possible moments where you’re “Hey, I didn’t know that part about Tupac!” And it actually was just made up. It wasn’t even real. So that kind of ruins it. Then he also performed “Hail Mary”. It was supposed to be a part of his House of Blues set. Though if you go back and check the tape, he never performs that. Because he wasn’t even in the recording process of Makaveli. The only song he performed on there was “Toss It Up” because that was the first single. Why would he ever perform “Hail Mary” when that was only the second or third single on that album? (Told you I knew my stuff.)

Overall, this movie was for the people who didn’t really know anything about Tupac or wasn’t around that time. For everyone else, you didn’t really learn anything. It’s a shame because there are things that we still don’t know that would probably make a good movie. The fact that some things were fabricated, makes it disappointing. I joke about Tupac, but he had a pretty interesting life. And he did so much while only being relevant for five years.

Another criticism. The way they sped through his early life was kind of awkward. Born in New York. Bam. Now I’m in Baltimore. Bam. This happened so now I’m in Oakland. Bam. Now I’m a rapper. Wait a minute.

I understand that it was only a 2-1/2 hour movie and you can only fit so much in. But maybe this would have been better served in the same format they gave you the New Edition biopic. In a series of episodes. If you’re going to do someone’s life story, do it justice and give it time.

My Walk Away

I come from this movie wanting to see no more music biopics. When you think of the great ones that have been done, you think Ray, What’s Love Got To Do With It. Those are the standards that you have to live up to. When Straight Out Of Compton came out, Master P said that he’s going to do one on his life. I don’t want to see a Master P biopic if HE makes it?! Also, no disrespect but I don’t want to see a Master P biopic while he’s still on Earth.

The idea should be that someone wants to tell your story and your involvement is as a fact checker. Not, “I’m going to make a movie about myself!” Which is what seems like a lot of these biopics are. People trying to get their story out. Straight Out Of Compton seemed very biased and it was just the winners getting to tell the story. I was ready to give Dr. Dre the Nobel Peace Prize after that movie.

So, no more biopics please. Especially if you’re making it yourself. And if you’re going to do it, do it right. Like Dave Chappelle jokes, “I didn’t know the movie Antoine Fisher was written by…Antoine Fisher!” There’s definitely a conflict of interest there.


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