Concert Review (Notes) from the Cheap Seats

BUFFALO, NY — The Total Package Tour came back to the Queen City Friday night at the Keybank Center. Three dated acts channeling the 90’s back into existence while a semi-packed crowd enjoyed every last second of it. 

New Kids On The Block, Paula Abdul, and Boyz II Men taking turns on stage performing sing-a-long and dance-a-long favorites was a dose of reminiscing for the over-age and slightly over the limit women in the crowd. It was still fun. Here are my notes from the show:

Boys II Men

Did some covers. And their usuals. Water Runs Dry, How Do I Say Goodbye, I’ll Make Love To You.

Best concert song is End of the Road. Hands down. It’s got everything. It’s a love song first of all. A great love song. It’s dynamic. Wanya, one of the best vocalists of all time, brings that song to life. It’s got an acapella section for the crowd to sing-a-long with hand claps that don’t complicate the multitasking of singing and clapping. And you could sing the chrorus forever.

They also sang One Sweet Day. First time singing it live too. Mariah Carey was not in attendance, but the trio allowed the crowd to sing her part karaoke style.

This section is short because I missed the first 15 minutes. I was super tight. Since when does a concert start right on time? I missed On Bended Knee. Shoot.

Paula Abdul

Looked like a sorry attempt at finding her youthfulness.

Choreography was elementary at best.

Seemed like a Disney show with semi-erotic songs.

Had the best graphics behind her. Along with best special effects.

Good set list. She just didn’t seem quite into it.

Opposites Attract seemed to wake her up a bit. The crowd definitely helped too.

Straight Up, the crowd really helped her warm up and get into it. I mean she ended the song by jumping off of a ladder. She got up there, and I thought, how she gonna get down? Then, oh wait, she bouta…yep. 
She’s a damn good dancer in heels too.

They also had her up in the air for a while like a cheerleader. I feel like she shouldn’t have been up there for as much as she was. She made reference to her Laker girl tryout. Told the whole story. Then brought it all back to remind women to never give up. 

Forever Your Girl. 

Pretty much did the “Forever your Girl” album. Not a bad thing, her set also seemed the shortest.

She’s been off stage for 26 years. You could tell. But the show got better. She still had some moves. And it took her a while to get going. But she got there.

And she’s still hot.


Middle aged women dancing and *twerking? to Baby Got Back.


Played the beginning super cool and sleek.

Definitely felt like they were conserving something. Almost as if they were scaling down the dancing for the voices.

They got more energy as it went along. This seems to be the norm for NKOTB shows. 

Block Party definitely is still a banger. And Remix (I Like The).

They made it a party.

All I Do Is Win. The party anthem. Thanks DJ Khaled. We appreciate you.

(Party ensues…)

Jon sang Happy Birthday to a pregnant woman. They all then tried to bring the baby out.

But there seemed to be a theme throughout the entire show. Nate Morris of B2M had on a Public Enemy shirt. Danny of NKOTB had on a Run DMC vest. I never quite got to the bottom of that. It was cool though.

Nice tribute to the lost ones of last year.

Please Don’t Go (the song I was here for). Joey kills it. As usual.

Closed out with Step by Step and I’ll Be Loving You, their thank you to Buffalo.

Finished out the party with Hanging Tough.

Also still a banger.


All in all, it was a fun show. It doesn’t necessarily have to be good. This was good but it could’ve been better. It was fun though. That’s all you can really ask for. 


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